Project Plus

Project Plus aims to look at bridging the gap between Citizens and the local Police in India. The question that we were asking was how can design intervene in the process and bring a balance in the existing relationship. The entire project looked at the current scenario of the Policing System in India, what are the problems faced by the citizens and the policemen, and what could be done to help bring in more transparency in the system.

The approach taken was to identify core issues within the system, look at what were the host of possibilities in terms of solutions to address the issue and finally narrow down to an approach that would address this problem better.

Policiti was developed as an app, conceptualised to be made available in mobiles phone and peripheral services that would  empower citizen with timely and relevant information in a particular situation, at one level. Second, it would act at a community level that collects responses and feedback from the citizens themselves, in turn allowing for better functioning of the Police as well. PoliCiti allows citizens to make better informed decisions and looks at the ultimate goal of building a safe and free community through a better policing system.

Project in Collaboration with Akshan Ish 

Project Blog

Official Entry from NID for Microsoft Design Expo, 2013.

Presented at the Design Expo, 2013 at Redmond. Awarded the Best Cultural Design title.

Current Scenario
A video showing the current scenario and context of the problem

Proposed PoliCiti Concept

Project Documentation


Design Process (Selected pictures only)


Understanding the Police System (Akshan Ish’s notes)


The functioning of the Indian Police System


IMG_1356 copy

A action-situation map of an incident



Concept Brainstorming


Talking to Police Constables

Still from the Animation Film



Complete flow of Filing a Complaint with the Police


IMG_1914 worked

IMG_2045 worked





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